Community Clinics Expanding to Provide Comprehensive Care Through Vision Services

logonew name_lg (1)The Essilor Vision Foundation is working to help community clinics provide vision services to individuals and establish “medical homes” by providing comprehensive services to those most in need. EVF will support these local clinics to eliminate many of the barriers to access by serving where other medical care is received.

EVF recently partnered with Metrocrest Community Clinic and Cedar Springs Eye Clinic to provide a day of vision services for more than 62 low income patients with one or more chronic diseases.

“This is the beginning of an exciting partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation and Cedar Springs Eye Clinic to ensure that those most likely to experience eye damage will be able to get vision care,” said Lisa Rigby, Executive Director, Metrocrest Community Clinic.

The services provided at the clinic included vision screenings, exams and glasses at no cost to the patients. Many of the patients also received diabetic retinopathy screenings to detect the early signs of diabetes and treatment plans to best address the risk factors of diabetes and intervention to stop the progression of the disease. The addition of vision services allows Metrocrest to take a holistic approach to medical care. With the success of this pilot, Metrocrest will be expanding its offerings to include vision services for its patients with the help of EVF and Cedar Springs Eye Clinic.

“EVF is committed to supporting community clinics who wish to expand into vision services,” said Dennis Mayo, Director of Programs and Operations at EVF. “We are happy we were able to pilot this program with Metrocrest and we hope to work with other community clinics to provide this valuable service to their patients as well.”


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